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New Years Resolution Once Again Broken!

Haha.. my new year's resolution went bonkers again XD True I'm not that addicted to fanfics anymore, though I do still read those updates at my e-mail.

Probably is a good time to be active once more LOL

Leaving FF World for a Year

Yes, I know it seems impossible. But I would really like to try it. After January 9, 2011, I will no longer read fanfiction until September 19 and after that day I will quit fanfic reading again. Will be back by December 5, 2011 but then quit again.

Haha, if those dates leave an impression on you in anyway then we're probably on the same fandom. I'm going to try to use my time for something more productive, something to add something to my life other than fanfiction.

The funny part of that thing is that I will be active at HEX. But as I am currently committed to about 7 rps, my hands are really full. I will only reply once a day though. And I believe that it will be all the fiction writing that I will need as I continue to improve myself in that area.

Anyways, this is my way of going on hiatus on everything related to fanfiction. Ciao :)

Oy vey, Plan Went Bonkers

So I learned that I could not actually keep up with the habit of sleeping at 11pm-5am because of the exams that just passed and because it's Christmas vacation. Really, my time isn't in my hands as of now. So am gonna start it instead on Jan. 1. Just in time for my New Year's resolutions. But at least I do get 6 and more hours of sleep a day.

The snacking... Was however disregarded. But I do plan on implementing the stop to it once more when it's already Jan. 1. Reasons of sleepovers, influence of family and others cause me to eat more than I would have liked.

With the fanfiction, I am already on the way to putting a stop to it. Though I believe that my activities at hexrpg replaced the time I used to spend with fanfiction which I could not certain to be an improvement.

Anyways, am still planning to do a worthwhile schedule during the remaining days of Christmas vacation.
Sigh, these are the days when I hate certain schools for restricting students.


Devious Journal Entry

by ~SeverusSnapesAngel on deviantART

I think that this might be my most favorite ss/hg wallpaper ever!!!

The Potions Master's Request

Title: The Potions Master's Request
Challenge: Sin
Rating: K
Word Count: 131
Characters: Severus Snape
A.N. The drabble was written for the snape_ldws Livejournal community warm-up sin challenge.

The dour potions master made a request to the house-elves for the very first time and they were so glad that they immediately complied. He strictly ordered the house-elves not to give any of the students the obsession causing objects that made them too emotional, too delusional, and too idiotic over-all. The potions master concerned? Highly unlikely.

The whole castle was in turmoil that day. Everyone headed to Hogsmeade just to get some of the highly addicting taste leaving the castle empty except for the house-elves, Filch and the potions master.

Back in the castle, Severus Snape went to the kitchens to eat all the sweets the house-elves made for Valentine's Day. Indeed, the potions master is a force to be reckoned with when his occasional addiction to chocolate kicks in.

Nightmare in the Great Hall

Title: Nightmare in the Great Hall
Team: Order of the Phoenix
Challenge: Just a Dream
Rating: T
Word Count: 7 x 100
A/N: First time to ever write a drabble or rather a series of drabbles. Written for the grangersnape100 livejournal community.
Disclaimer: All characters belong to J.K. Rowling

Hermione fell asleep in the Great Hall and the Gryffindors glared at the potions master for keeping their friend awake until four in the morning.

Severus was aware and secretly worried of having Hermione up so late, neither of them actually noticed the time until his alarm for him to wake up rang.

She mumbled and tears fell from her eyes, "NO!"

She locked eyes for a moment with the potions master and he understood. She dreamt of him tortured and dying again. Everyone wondered if she dreamt about the potions master's wrath and failing potions. They had no idea.


Hermione had a nightmare about Severus telling her that he doesn't love her. The image changed to the Death Eaters torturing and crucioing him to death. Then she saw how she could only watch helplessly as the man bled to death in the Shrieking Shack with blank lifeless eyes. Tears fell from her eyes and she whispered in her sleep. Her seatmates tried to shake her awake but they couldn't.

"No!" she screamed and she finally awoke.

She stared at the potions master for him to understand which others mistook for a glare and then she left the Great Hall.


Severus left a minute after Hermione left the Great Hall. Harry saw him leaving which left him wondering. He decided to follow him under the pretense of going to the bathroom.

He walked down the corridor and heard someone sobbing. He hid in the shadows and what he saw startled him.

He saw his friend sobbing into the arms of the potions master.

"Hermione don't cry, it was only a dream," said Severus as he kissed her forehead.

"Severus, the nightmares just keep coming, I'm sorry," sobbed Hermione.

"Shh..." he said as he just held her while murmuring soothing words.


 Harry stared dumbfounded, 'What's happening?'

"I'm sorry I kept you awake," apologized Severus. 'Snape apologizing?'

"It's not your fault, we both didn't notice the time," said Hermione, "Why is it that the dreams just won't go away? i just can't seem to be comforted even though most of the Death Eaters are captured."

"What did you dream about this time?" asked Severus.

"You... you said you didn't love me. They tortured you again. I... left you in the shack to die," she sobbed.

"I will always love you Hermione and I won't leave you for another hundred years or so."


Hermione whispered, "Really?"

"Positive, as long as you'll always have me which I doubt," whispered Severus.

Hermione looked from sad to outraged, "What? I said that I don't care about your past I love you for the man you are! I'm already physically twenty years old and I know what I want! Age doesn't matter as you said so yourself you'll still live for a hundred or so years."

Severus chuckled, "Just checking. I just can't believe that someone like you would still want me."
Harry sank to his knees. "Snape and Hermione are together?"

"Potter! Reveal yourself!" bellowed Severus.


"What?" said a mortified Hermione.

Harry revealed himself from his hiding place, "Uh, hi."
"Hermione do you agree if I'll obliviate your friend?" asked Severus seriously.

"Wait! No! I'll not say a word to anyone! Believe me!" exclaimed Harry in alarm.

Severus pointed his wand at him, "Are you sure Potter? You know even though I'm an ex-death eater I still know a lot of tortures for you to die a painful death without anyone knowing it was me..."

"Stop!" said Hermione, "I believe him."

"I swear, I won't tell anybody, as long as you don't hurt her of course."


Severus nodded and kissed Hermione goodbye at which Harry pointedly looked away. Hermione turned to him, "How much have you heard?"

"You have nightmares about him dying?" asked Harry awkwardly.

Hermione sighed, "Yes."

"Now come on let's go back and get our things for our first class which is Potions," Harry waggled his eyebrows, "I'll order something for you to eat and I expect you to tell me all about it."

Hermione smiled weakly, "Thanks Harry, you won't really tell anyone wouldn't you?"

"Sure, Ron might have a heart attack if I told him," said Harry laughing along with Hermione.

Deja Vu Longbottom

A/N: The drabble is exactly 100 words and is made for the "Just a Dream" challenge at the livejournal community grangersnape100.
I know it's already way pass Severus' birthday, but the thought just popped in my head.
Disclaimer: All characters are owned by J.K. Rowling.

"Happy birthday Severus! Look the first visitor for your party!" yelled Hermione waking Severus up.

"Longbottom?" asked Severus flabbergasted.

"He's super early since he wanted to apologize for everything and give you a gift!"

"Sorry Severus, I brought you a bottle of the best potion I ever made to make you proud!" exclaimed Neville.

Severus opened the bottle and the potion exploded and the effect was he became a jolly man and became best friends with Neville Longbottom.

"Wake up! Happy birthday Severus!" yelled Hermione.

He opened his eyes and saw Neville causing him to shriek and run out screaming.

An Ironic Conversation

Title: An Ironic Conversation
Team: Order of the Phoenix
Challenge: The In-Laws Challenge
Rating: K
Word Count: 5 X 100
A.N: The challenge never did specify if you could do a story about future in-laws right? Written for the Livejournal community grangersnape100.
Disclaimer: Certain characters belong to J.K. Rowling.

"I'm scared out of my wits Richard... I don't know what to do."

"Don't worry Tobias, you're a great guy, they'll surely like you."

"But what will her parents say? I'm her former teacher remember?"

"Well they better see some sense. I myself am going to meet my daughter's fiancé today. I just hope he's a good man, he was a former kind of mafia member you see."

"I understand."

With that Severus Tobias Snape left the book club to fetch his fiancée from Hogwarts while Henry Richard Granger went to his home to meet his daughter and her fiancé.


"Don't worry Severus they themselves have a ten year age gap!"

"We have twenty."

"But you have another hundred years to live."

"Point taken."

Hermione rang the doorbell and was met by her mother.

"Come in," said Helen Sally Granger with a smile as she called her husband.

The two entered. "Mom, dad, this is my fiancé..."

"Tobias?" asked the man who came out of the kitchen incredulously.


The two men looked at each other and then to Hermione and they laughed.

Hermione looked at the two shocked. "You know each other?"

The two men just laughed some more.


Henry looked at Severus, "Blimey Tobias, you dress like a priest!"

Severus smirked, "These are traditional wizarding robes you know."

"So that's why he looked familiar," said Helen.

Hermione turned to her mother, "You know him too?"

Severus greeted Helen, "Oh hello Sally, long time no see."

Hermione felt left out, "Will you guys please explain?"

Henry chuckled, "We're of the same book club and we had breakfast with Helen one time."

Hermione narrowed her eyes at Severus, "You know each other and you never said a word."

"I didn't really know, we used our second names or pseudonyms there."


"Come to the dining room, dinner's ready," said Henry and they all followed.

"So Tobias, you're actually Severus Snape, terror Hogwarts' Potions Master, and former spy?" asked Henry.

Severus looked discomfited, "Yes."

Henry clapped his back, "Well welcome to the family!"

Hermione and Severus stared at him in shock, "Just like that?" they said in unison.

Henry looked at Helen and she nodded, "You see, I had known Severus here for years and he's a pleasant chap. Unless, that's all an act?"

Severus shook his head, "No, of course it wasn't."

"Never imagined my son-in-law to be a good friend!"


"Henry and Hermione tells me good things about you," said Helen.

"Thank you Sally," said Severus.

"Call us by our first names now on."


"You know Herms, the funniest thing happened this morning," said Henry fondly.

"What dad?"

"You see, I and Tobias were talking in the club this morning. We were telling each other about our problems and were comforting each other. Guess what's the topic?"

"What's wrong with that? Can't think of anything. Unless…"

"It's about him meeting his fiancée's parents and me meeting my daughter's fiancé.

"The irony," chuckled Hermione as they talked about one another.

Excited For The Deathly Hallows Movie!!!

I can't wait to see the tale of Snape's past especially seeing him younger!!! That movie is bound to be good. Another thing is to actually see Snape cry!!! There's not one movie where he did and in that movie he's going to! I'm also excited by how Snape will die, although I really wanted him to live... but it's rather exciting how Rickman will say I quote "take it.. take it.." right? Excited to the extremes! Another thing is how they will depict the trio in the epilogue part of 19 years after! That's bound to be exciting!
There are plenty of Severus and Hermione pairing fans out there, all of those that are exposed to the fanfiction world anyways. And of course everyone who is just so taken by the idea of the intelligent sarcastic, misunderstood, spy who remained devoted to a woman who already married another man long ago and has been dead for years and an equally intelligent witch who stands up for herself and tries to understand people when others do not. Many likes that kind of man like Severus with that tall, dark and mysterious vibes of his. Besides, Severus does deserve a woman in his life after all he's been through. It's quite apparent by her devotion to Lily that a woman he loves will have him as her devoted servant, as long as they try to get the meaning out of his words that is. If one would ask me, I think that Lily is not that much of a good friend to Severus as she should have been. It would appear that the Marauders has bullied Snape far too many times and that most of the time Lily is turning a blind eye to all of that. And still, she doesn't forgive Severus when he accidentally called her mudblood. Really, has she ever been that embarrassed before? And with Severus' horrible childhood and of the years he was tormented at Hogwarts no wonder he turned out like that. But I think that somehow he also has to be specially hard on the other houses especially on the Gryffindors since he is a spy and all the Death eaters are mostly from Slytherin thus their daughters and sons are there as well. Meanwhile, I just don't agree with the pairing of Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, its just so wrong in so many ways. They are just too different and they have nothing in common except being friends with Harry and being Gryffindors. They are certain to be fighting all the time and they disagree in so many things. A relationship just because of love like that without anything in common with the other is going to be a difficult one. I really think that Severus and Hermione are more compatible since they are intelligent and Hermione seems to be quite talented in potions too shown by her making the Polyjuice Potion just by her second year. The age difference between the two is twenty years but in the Wizarding World such age differences is not that big seeing that they live to be hundreds of years old. A prime example of that is Dumbledore for instance. In the books, when Hermione is already in seventh year, Snape is thirty seven and Hermione is already either 18 or 19 because she is about a year older than Harry and Ron and because she used a time turner before which we don't even know if she really stopped using it after her third year. In the movie, Snape (Alan Rickman) looks so old because the man playing a thirty seven year old man is actually already 60+ years old. Really, you are bound to look very old when you are that age. If one should imagine Snape as thirty seven and is with his fit body, one should search the web for pics of Alan Rickman and believe me that you would not be disappointed. In fanfics, the trait of the Snape in the movie of having a silky velvet voice is used often as the voice is used as a Snape trademark by most fics. Also, there are fics where Hermione goes back in time, falls for the seventeen year old Snape and then goes back in the future to confront an adult Snape. There are plenty of others of fanfics that are quite good with this pairing and if I might suggest some, you could see my favorites at my profile at fanfiction.net by seeing my user info here in LiveJournal and clicking the link to my profile.